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    The electric heating pipe maintenance

    Electric heating tube whether in our homes and businesses and factories and other places are in widespread use, but in the meantime, how to improve the life of hot electric heating tube isone great attention. We next by complete electric tell you about popular knowledgeelectrothermal tube so as to better extend the life of electric heating tube.

    1 special electric heat pipe should read the instructions with prior to installation and use, in order to avoid the damage.

    2 selection of the electric heat pipe should pay special attention to the heating medium. To cope with the electric heating tube and shell material without erosion.

    3 electric heating tube terminal, application of the 2 fastening nut relative in the wiring, not too hard so as not to lead to screw loose and make the electric heating pipes damaged.

    The 4 input power, voltage should not exceed 10% tube marking the rated voltage of theelectrical heating, such as suitable for lower than the rated voltage, heat generated by the electric heating pipes will fall

    5 single head electric heat pipe used for a long time, if gathered thick tube surface scale and oil dirties, should be regularly to be removed, otherwise it will make the electric heat pipe heat transfer performance of the tube surface caused by decrease of heat load over rated to damage.

    The heating some viscose etc substance, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid, paraffin,beginning when heated should reduce the supply voltage, in order to reduce the amount of industrial electric heating tube, the melt and become a liquid, and then to the rated voltageheating.

    7 single head electric heat pipe should be stored in dry warehouse, if the long-term placement,the surface moisture, using in the application zhaooubiao measuring the insulation resistance. If less than 1000000000000 euro /500 V, it should be placed in the electric heating tube 200 degrees for drying oven.

    8 mold heating tube heating part shall all be immersed in the heating medium, avoid heat and not exceed the allowable heating temperature make electric heating pipes damaged. In addition, wire lead out part should be revealed in the insulation layer or heater heater, make this part should not be overheating and damage.

    9 mold heating tube terminal should keep clean, dry, and will reduce the insulation performance and be short circuit breakdown, if the application has the chemical corrosion, inflammable,explosive and other liquid or gas environment, should be part of the electric heating tube wiringinsulation sealing device to strict protection, to prevent accidents.