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        Established in 1970,Yancheng Huari Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly referred to as Yancheng Qianghua Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.)was reformed and changed into privately-owned enterprise in 1986.The company owns technical experts with solid professional background and an experienced production team and is equipped with advanced manufacture and inspection equipments imported from abroad.

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    Life is used in the electric heating tube products have?

    There will always be some commercial street, market saw a new frying equipment display set,instead of the original oil pan fried, model that such configuration looks more efficient, morehealth. Low operation cost, small power consumption, become present the hottest equipment.This equipment is the electric frying pan, the working principle is the use of electric heating tube,the use of all is the focus of current technique in the industry.

    An electric heating pipe of the other will use the product, it is hot. The first time to market by many people and pursued, but after the safe hidden trouble, easily induced fire leakage problem,won't cause the attention of people. Any a resurrection of things, always a broken adaptation process, hot things truth worth learning, but the security can not be ignored.