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    Electric heating tube of magnesium powder role can not be ignored

     The role of magnesium in the electric heating tube is often easy to be ignored, HuaRi here to tell you, filled with magnesium powder of irregular can lead to electric heating tube in the process of using appear unstable phenomenon. Therefore, magnesium powder in the production process is filled with the necessary connection with the quality of the electric heating tube. For the following three aspects introduce Ssangyong in the production process of thenotice.

    One is whether the manufacturer according to the proportion of magnesium powder mix, the actual use of the inspection data of basic existence of coarse sand and fine sand seriousproblem.

    The two is the emergence of different mesh sand will this electric heating tube products during the long-distance transportation sub screen phenomenon, before use if no re mixed directly into the powder bin, then there is no guarantee that the velocity of flow;

    Three is the filling machine in the shock process must cause the powder bin sand screening, sowhen why the same pipe the fill weight have a larger difference is because of the above three factors, of course, influence factors in addition to mesh match ratio flow, moisture-proof agentsticky and wet on velocity also has considerable influence this is also the magnesium plant,which must be a detail real-time attention.

    So choose the appropriate magnesium powder adding is an important point, I hope everyone in the purchase of the electric heating tube can pay great attention to magnesium powder to add,at this time to select the regular manufacturers is particularly important, must not be as cheap and cause more unnecessary losses.