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    How to confirm the power of the electrothermal tube?

    power 1, according to the electric heat pipe working environment in general is divided into dry burningand heating liquid.

    (1) the dry burning words should be clear, dry burning whether fan cycle, if the cycle power fan,heating pipe is generally set to: the total length of pipe (unit: m) and the power of the heating tube is 1:1.5 relationship, i.e. heating one meter length of the tube, in dry burning, a windmachine cycle, power the most appropriate do 1500W; if there is no fan of circulating, weheating tube power general setting: the total length of pipe (unit: m) and the power of the heating tube is 1:1 relationship, i.e. heating one meter length of the tube, the dry burning, no wind machine cycle condition, power the most appropriate do 1000W.

    (2) heating the liquid, to make clear is water heating, or heating oil. Generally, when the water is heated, the power of the electrothermal tube is set: the total length of normal circumstancestube (unit: m) and the power of the electrothermal tube is 1:2 relationship, namely the electricone meter length of the tube, power good for 2000W, and of course water circumstances, most can do 4000W; if there is a heating then, the power of the electrothermal tube is set: the total length of the electric heating tube power and the maximum ratio of the electric heating pipe is 1:2.5 relationship, namely the electric one meter length of the tube, power up to 2500W.

    Power 2, electric heating tube to heat the water in the liquid is determined

    At this time the customer need to consult a professional manufacturer of electric heating pipe,how much water tank water, how much the original temperature of water, the water needs to beheated to the number of degrees, how long can expect from the original heating temperature to the desired temperature, the sink has no external insulation layer, and the specific size of the sink, only know these manufacturers only for help you calculate the power to determine the sizeand the specific size of the design according to the tank electric heating tube length.