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    Analysis of heating wire in the electric heat pipe cooling condition

     Know from the principle of heat transfer, the heat transmission with objects, at any time can besegmented with the same temperature Ti and Ti+1 two surface bounded by the many layers,and has the same temperature difference Ti between the two surfaces of each layer, suchsurface has the same temperature said the isothermal surface. At any moment, all isothermal surface comprehensive presents distribution of temperature inside the object, namely the temperature field in the object. Because the object in the heating or cooling, the temperature of each part of the descending change over time, so that every moment of isothermal surfaceposition changes. At this time, the temperature field will change with time, were not stable. Of course there are temperature does not change over time, this situation is static, or stablethermal state.

    For the electric heating tube, the internal electric heating tube electric heating wire in the working status, its isotherm and temperature distribution than a heating body is complex, it is related to the distance between and spiral. The electric heating pipe of the electric heating wirespiral ganglion of distance coefficient of K in 4~5 was reasonable (except the heat loadconditions of very high situation). And it can also save the consumption of the electric heating wire. Of course, the value of K also can not be too large, will appear the electric wireoverloading.