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    The electric heating tube surface temperature can be judged according to the color

    An important detail parameters of the electric heating pipe is the surface power. Resistivity is too large, access to certain current, surface power is big; the resistivity is too small, access to certain current, surface power is small, so small power electric appliance, will choose small diameter small current, but the size of the current depends on the size of the resistance, we can through the surface temperature change to determines whether the current size.

    The test surface temperature of the heating tube to see electric wire color, with the increase of temperature from dark red to red, from close to yellow to white, reached the dazzling blue and white. Based on this fact, we can determine the color of objects from the light temperature.Single head heating tube of high temperature (1100 DEG C), yellow red. The electric heating pipe high temperature (1300 DEG C), yellowish white. To achieve the dazzling white (1500 DEG C) or above. So the test surface temperature of the heating tube is actually watching thechanges of color.