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    How to choose suitable for the electric heating pipe casing

    The casing is an object of protection of the electric heating tube, proper casing can be very good to the electric heating pipe is protected, even be able to extend the service life of theelectric heating tube, the principle of customers for the sake of the China Japan today, teach you how to choose the right sleeve to protect the electric heating tube.

    The casing is mainly to protect the electric heating tubes can not be affected by the externalenvironmental damage, a lot of people think for the electric heating pipe casing is equipped witha strong and durable, but the face of the casing of different materials and do not know how tochoose. China and Japan will tell you, only the right sleeve can be good protection for theelectric heating tube, the casing is appropriate will cause damage to the electric heating tube,so people must be careful selection of casing.

    The main component of casing is alloy, because casing required to prevent corrosion, anti vibration, put the wet effect, so the choice of casing mainly depends on chromium nickelmaterial content in the casing, the higher the content of nickel chrome casing material, better corrosion resistance, so as to better protect the electric heating tube.

    If you select a casing corrosion of earthquake proof performance is poor, so the electric heating tube in its "protection", use effect and the life will be greatly reduced, so you must not yield to the temptation of cheap, casing to quality for you to save cost.