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    Use and maintenance of cast aluminum heater

    Method of use:

    1. the working voltage shall not exceed the rated value of 10%;

     2. connectingpart is placed in a heating layer, insulating layer, the shell should be effectively grounded; 

     3.should be kept in a dry place, if the long-term placement, insulation resistance less than 1M ohm, can be in the 200 degrees Celsius in the oven baking 5-6 hours, can return to normal.


    1.  first check the power supply voltage using the site is consistent, and the rated voltage of the product if different, should be equipped with the product of rated voltage power supply voltage of the same. 

    2.  in order to ensure safety, remember to reliable grounding inelectrical equipment shell.

    3.  the electric heater products are used for more than three months,should the conditions to allow intermittent electricity self drying, heat ten minute power outage for half an hour, three to four times continuously to discharge the moisture inside the electric heating element. 

    4.  the electric heater should pay attention to Moisture Corrosion in storage period,stored in a well ventilated place.