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        Established in 1970,Yancheng Huari Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly referred to as Yancheng Qianghua Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.)was reformed and changed into privately-owned enterprise in 1986.The company owns technical experts with solid professional background and an experienced production team and is equipped with advanced manufacture and inspection equipments imported from abroad.

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    Extensive use of electric heating pipe

    The electric heater as the name suggests is to convert electric energy into heat energy to setequipment deployment. Whether the liquid materials or gaseous medium, it can be very good todo heating, thermal insulation, heating effect. The electric heater is very popular in the current international general electric heating set equipment deployment, character compared with othersame type set equipment deployment of more high, use longer.

    Then the electric heater heating heat effect is how to do? It is necessary to adjacent to the power, then the talent of the required heating material heating. In the process, their low temperature medium under pressure, through the pipeline to the input port, and then through the internal container of electric heater conversion hot runner, the high temperature thermalusing thermodynamics principle produces, the temperature will medium heating to increase,reach the electric heater outlet can get high temperature medium required.

    Compared with the heating of the same type set equipment deployment, control system ofelectric heater can be very smart, will take the initiative to adjust the output power, can the medium temperature is very stable link symmetry. Once the ultra high temperatureenvironment, heating cover device of its own will cut off the power automatically, effectively avoid material due to overtemperature deterioration of environment, such as coking production,at the same time also extend the using time of the electric heater.

    Use the electric heater is very general, is most common in the chemical industry enterprises,chemical materials are necessary for many of the set equipment deployment do heating, drying,spray drying powder like. Otherwise the kerosene chemical enterprise, the heating of hydrocarbon is sure to use electric heater. In addition, the electric heater can with explosion-proof layout used throughout the military industry, offshore platforms, mining area, quiet and high coefficient. The other process water, water gas fluid temperature and metal smelting, hot forming, welding, are essential to use electric heater.