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    How to deal with electric black pipe

    In the electric heating pipe production process is sometimes used blackening, heating treatmentis a process of heat treatment of stainless steel and other metal objects, the treatment in the future there will be a layer of oxide film appearance intention to achieve the corrosion and rust.The heating treatment will wear progress heating pipe appearance, the appearance of thehardness of progress, and will not affect the electric heating tube inside parts.

    Practice working condition, the electric heating tube surface blackening the most convenient method the following process:

    1, the first appearance of the metal pipe cleaning, keep clean;

    2, two is the appearance of degreasing, this process can take a metal tube completely placed on the degreasing fluid sideways. The best degreasing solution pH value around 13, time is not less than half an hour. After degreasing rinse.

    3, the next available for pickling, pickling solution pH 3 the left and right sides, processing timeis not good at 10 minutes after the water wash, pickling;

    4: pool, blackening solution concentration pH value between 2-4, treatment time 10 minuteslater, black must be clean;

    5, the final drying, oiling;