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        Established in 1970,Yancheng Huari Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly referred to as Yancheng Qianghua Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.)was reformed and changed into privately-owned enterprise in 1986.The company owns technical experts with solid professional background and an experienced production team and is equipped with advanced manufacture and inspection equipments imported from abroad.

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    The electric heating tube heating temperature control more useful initiative

    Industrial production in the temperature control of the most reliable guarantee of supply, it is necessary to use insulation has excellent facilities and increasing temperature control, during which the electric heating tube is very commonly used a kind of useful heating insulation typethings, and now the commodity with active heating and temperature control function, use more convenient and useful in production, with to meet the advantages and characteristics and usefulness.

    Environmental conditions demand of industrial production, demand with and improve the standard of useful features, to ensure the process and can bring the actual in ensuring the day more convenient to use, the outstanding function of the electric heating pipe of the guarantee, in the meantime plays an important effect, and ensure a useful specification extremely good, the important effect of it also play very well.