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    Tectonic thermal resistance

    (1) from the theory of thermal resistance temperature measurement, the measured temperature change is directly through the thermoelectric resistance change to measure,therefore, a heating resistor lead out all kinds of wire resistance change will give the impact oftemperature measurement. In order to eliminate the influence of wire resistance with a selection of three wire or four wire system.

    (2) armored thermal resistance sheathed thermal resistance is composed of a temperature sensing element (resistor), a solid lead, insulation material, the stainless steel sleeve which is formed by the combination of its diameter, usually 2~ Phi Phi 8mm Phi mm, the smallest is.

    Compared with the ordinary thermal resistance, it has the following advantages: small volume,no air gap, thermal inertia, the measurement lag; the good mechanical properties, anti vibration, anti impact; capacity of twists and turns, easy to install the use of long life.

    (3) end face thermal resistance of thermal resistance temperature sensor is composed of a resistor wire special treatment of the wound, close to the thermometer in the end. It iscompared with conventional axial thermal resistance, can more accurately and quickly measure the end face temperature of the practice of temperature, suitable for measurement of bearing and other parts of the.

    (4) flameproof heat resistance of flameproof terminal box thermal resistance through specialstructure, blasting the shell internal blasting gas mixture was the spark or arc and other effects of attack restrictions in the junction box, the production site won't lead ultra blasting. Explosion isolation type thermal resistance can be used for temperature measurement with blasting riskplaces within the area of Bla~B3c class.