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    The electric heating pipe installation method which to have?

    The electric heating pipe installation method which to have? General should detect the heating pipe dimensions and the voltage of the power, customers buy back to the back of the electric heating tube. After checking the practice parameters of the electric heating tube, electric heating pipes will be put into normal use, so the electric heating pipe device should be how?

    Generally rare electrothermal tube according to the shape of the structure mainly has thedistinction of single head electric heat pipe, electric heating pipe, flange type U electric heating tube three.

    One, single head heating tube:

    1 can be directly arranged in the heating channel single head heating tube heating, practice:rare single head tube does not need special fixing device. Or use the bracket fixed heating.

    The 2 baffle to fixed supporting role; a baffle plate type single head electric heating tube is out of the horizontal and vertical device, a baffle plate type single head heating tube: baffle typesingle head tube typically need to face a device can make the electric heating pipe through theaperture. When the horizontal baffle device mainly only plays the lead role in the maintenance of.


    3 rare device is needed the device part played with pore diameter, thread type single headelectric heating tube: the thread type single head electric heat pipe welding device refers to athread based on the original electric heating tube for installing and fixing. Then the electric heating tube can be used in the position of screw fixing device. The benefits of using thread isconvenient installation, convenient replacement, good sealing effect, good stability. Threads are generally have 6 points and an inch of several)



    Two, U type electric heating tube:


    Device 1 fasteners need a suitable aperture, the fastener device: General rare device is made of the fastener device. Fasteners are mainly threaded fasteners, in order to device stability with gasket device, this effect is better. The main advantage of fastener device has convenient installation, good stability, convenient replacement and wide application range, etc..

    2 the use of simple fastener device would not be stable, generator bracket is fixed: electric heating tube, electric heating tube transversely installed in long time. Effect of fasteners can not accept the tubing weight easily damaged, so often used stent assisted fixed, guarantee the stability and the service life of the device.

    Three, the electric heating pipe flange flange: electric heating tube according to the device can be divided into flat flange and threaded flange two.

    The 1 plane flange device requires a parent flange first with good welding in need of deviceparts, flat flange: electric heating tube is mainly in plane flange flange to stay above a few boltholes for bolt. Then the electric heating pipe and the mother flange flange are welded to be fixed, the need for strict guarantee the sealing of the circumstances, can be used in conjunction with the seal installation.

    The 2 threaded common one inch and one inch half sizes, thread flange: threaded flange refers to the basic convention flange electric heating tube with screw thread. Threaded flange deviceneed to play with wire diameter in device parts, then threaded flange can be directly fixed screw holes through the rotating device.