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    How to correctly deal with the interference problem of the electric heating tube

    The electric heating tube is specifically converts electric energy into heat energy of electrical components, the stability requirements are very high, the industry has a very strict use of standard, but many customers in the use of or will encounter some interference problems,aiming at these interference problem, Huari summed up the following three coping, to share to everyone.

    1, the isolation method

    Isolation method and the electric heating pipe installation is suspended, the electrothermal pipeand wall of furnace firebrick contact, between the electric heating tube and support is also usedfor isolating and insulating material. This method can effectively prevent the leakage current at high temperature disturbance.

    2, the method of shielding

    Shielding method is the compensation wire of the electric heating pipe, put in iron or other metalshielding inner shielding. This can prevent the interference of electromagnetic interference andhigh voltage field. The use of this method should be iron and shield are well grounded, and thecompensation wire twisted together.

    3, grounding method

    This method is for ground handling, this method has two kinds of forms: the first is the groundreference terminals grounded electric heating tube, electric heating tube second is measuring terminal grounding. Electric heating tube reference end grounding, is the electric heat pipe (orcompensating conductor) end of the output, by a sufficiently large grounding capacitors(conditions permit capacitance of the bigger the better). The measuring end grounding is the electric heat pipe measuring end is measured from the ground, the electric heating pipe end led out a piece of wire grounding. This method has a good preventive effect on high temperatureleakage interference.

    Because the electric heating wire is the main component of the electric heating pipe, so we in the purchase of electric heating tube to pay attention to the selection of electric heating wire is arranged in the tube with high temperature resistance and the electric heating tube electrodeharmless, like this can also reduce the interference to a certain extent, guarantee the safe useof the electric heating pipe, make your work more convenient and effective.