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    Accidentally electric work pipe scald how to do?

    Normal in the electric heating tube heating equipment work and work in dealing with the tube,hard to avoid has so don't notice or not careful by electrothermal high-temperature work in pipe burn, scald how to deal with the more scientific? There are a lot of people have differentmethods, but this approach will be just perfect, it is hard to say. Yancheng HuaRi heating equipment technicians together and discussed are as follows:

    The staff is working in high temperature electric heating pipe scald need such a situationaccording to the wound degree to decide how to dispose of, and as the case.

    Once the wound, burn only damage the skin surface, local swelling, blisters, ache is apparent,should immediately take off clothes and socks, the wound into the cold water immersion for half an hour, with sesame oil, vegetable oil rubbed the wounds.

    Two degree burn, scald is leather damage, local swelling and pain, varying in size large blisters,blisters can be sterilized needle puncture a blister edge water, apply burn ointment after dressing, elastic should be moderate.

    Three degree burn, scald is subcutaneous, has fat, muscle, skeletal injury, and gray or reddish brown, the application of clean wrapped the wound promptly sent to the hospital. Must not be in the wound coated with gentian violet or cream class of drugs, disease observation andtreatment effect.

    Yancheng HuaRi  here to remind more workers in electric heating tube, electric heating pipe work must strengthen safety awareness, try to avoid the maximum possible by high temperature electric heating pipe scald, accidentally burned need to remain calm enough, to calmly deal with, handle light themselves can the appropriate person, must be sent to hospitaltreatment.